Who is Arkham?

Who is Arkham?


Great stories START FROM IDEAS

Changing the rules of the ( im ) possible, one human at a time.

Our story begins in 2013. Two completely different minds join efforts under a shared vision, a shared purpose:

To positively impact the lives and stories of those who place their trust on us through design. To act as a bridge between the imaginary and the real worlds, not just by transforming and realizing dreams, but by putting them at the forefront of everything we do.

We co-create architecture with and for people. We believe in the power of teamwork, of setting the ego aside and of letting our purpose guide us through this story.

The Arkham Formula

To create our projects and bring them to life, there is a process that we’ve been developing for years. Just like in science, our own discoveries have led us to develop this equation that might change as we discover new things with each project, but that will essentially continue to obey the same principle.

We understand that architecture must be more than simply cement and concrete, more than just a refuge. This is why we aspire to create spaces that excite people, that encourage them to imagine impossible realities and that, at the end of the day, invite them to inhabit these dreams that we had the honor of helping realize.

“I don’t think that architecture is only about shelter or about a very simple enclosure. It should be able to excite you, to calm you, to make you think.” – Zaha Hadid.

We have the perfect equation to turn the impossible into possible:



Duarte Torre

CEO – Dreamchaser

Min Peniche

CCO – Dreamshaper


Arkham through history

Although we’re grateful and honored for our recognitions and awards, we’re aware that these do not define us and are not our motor, nor our raison d’être. However, they are that pat on the back that motivates us to continue creating our own vision of reality , to continue inspiring and transforming.



  1. Architecture Housing


  1. XVIII Biennale of Yucatecan Architecture



  1. Architecture Housing
  2. 3rd Place
  3. 2020 Shortlist
  4. Honorable Mention
  5. 1st Place
  6. Multifamily housing preselection
  7. Commercial preselection


  1. Paris Design Awards
  2. 9th National Award of Architecture and Interior Design
  3. Blueprint Award
  4. Architecture MasterPrize
  5. Diseña México National Design Award
  6. XV National and International Biennale of Mexican Architecture
  7. XV National and International Biennale of Mexican Architecture



  1. Honorable Mention, Architecture Categories
  2. Finalist, Housing
  3. Gold A’ Design Award
  4. Winner in Architectural Design Residential Architecture
  5. Restaurant Category Finalist
  6. Winner in Ephemeral Interior Spaces Category
  7. 1st Place, Best Multifamily Building
  8. Horizontal Housing Finalist
  9. Semifinalist in Ephemeral and Artistic Installations Category
  10. Finalist in Multifamily Residential Architecture
  11. Finalist in Ceramic Flooring and Tiling for Commercial Buildings
  12. Honorable Mention
  13. Winner in Americas Property Awards, Architecture Multiple Residence
  14. Best Residential Building
  15. Finalist in Interior Design Category


  1. International Design Awards
  2. The Plan Award
  3. A’ Design Awards & Competition
  4. Architecture MasterPrize
  5. VII PRISMA Award of Mexican Interior Design
  6. VII PRISMA Award of Mexican Interior Design
  7. Firenze Entremuros Award
  8. LADI Award
  9. Building of the Year
  10. Interceramic Award
  11. Interceramic Award
  12. 3rd Biennale of Young Architects
  13. The International Property Awards
  14. Escala EXPOCIHAC Award
  15. A! Diseño 2019 Award



  1. 1st Place, Interior Design
  2. Finalist, Restaurants
  3. 1st Place, D-Type Stand
  4. Award Winner, Best Leisure Interior México
  5. Honorable Mention, Hospitality Bars & Restaurants
  6. Winner, Commercial Architecture
  7. Honorable Mention, Social Spaces — Professional Category
  8. Best Project, Stand — Professional Category
  9. 1st Place, Ephemeral Architecture — Pavilions
  10. Emporia de Plata Award, Best Stand, Design Fair
  11. A! Diseño Award, Stand Category


  1. XII Biennale of Yucatecan Architecture
  2. VII PRISMA Award of Mexican Interior Design
  3. Expo Construcción Yucatán
  4. International Property Awards, IPAX
  5. II World — Wide Biennale of Interior Design & Landscape
  6. Interceramic Award of Architecture and Design
  7. Diseña México National Design Award
  8. Diseña México National Design Award
  9. Noldi Schreck Award
  10. Emporia
  11. A! Diseño



  1. Five Stars, Best Leisure Interior México
  2. Award Winner, Best Leisure Interior Central and South America
  3. Gold Medal, Hospitality, Bars and Restaurants
  4. Honorable Mention, Interior Design and Plastic Integration
  5. Honorable Mention, Interior Design / Hospitality
  6. Medal for New Architecture Talent in Latin America


  1. International Property Awards, IPAX
  2. International Property Awards, IPAX
  3. IX Iberoamerican Biennale; CIDI Interior Design and Landscaping
  4. Bienal de Arquitectura del Golfo, FCRM
  5. American Architecture Prize
  6. Latin American Real Estate Tech Summit



  1. Silver Medal, Single-Family Housing
  2. Honorable Mention, Home Remodeling or Conversion
  3. Silver Medal, Interior Design
  4. Finalist, Culinary Design


  1. II Biennale of Regional Architecture, Mexican Southeast
  2. II Biennale of Regional Architecture, Mexican Southeast
  3. XIV National and International Biennale of Mexican Architecture, FCARM
  4. Design Icons, Architectural Digest México